The debate of mobile apps

Web App or Native App?

web app or native app

When we talk about mobile apps, we can find two different types on the market: native app and web app.

In this post we will compare both of them, and see the advantages of…

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Spain’s Great Match. Mobile web app.

Introducing Spanish wines with denomination of origin in New York
Starts: 10/08/2014
Ends: 10/08/2014
IAC HQ Building 555 West 18th Street @ 11th Ave.
New York, NY
Spain’s Great Match was stimulated by a mobile web app.

Yesterday on the 8th of October, the 21st edition of the annual Spain’s Great Match was carried out in New York, and the Trade Comission of Spain hosted the event.

The event took place in

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Optimizes the consumption of paper. Combine with technology.

Having to pay and wait for paper brochures that few read and most people throw away?

online catalog vs. physical catalog

If you are reading this it´s because you are interested in reducing the costs of your event. Our proposal today is to transform your physical catalog into an online catalog.

  • Save money in the costs of a graphic designer.

It’s true that you can do it in-house but if you want…

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Here we are!

 We present Huddleapp, Mobile app development

Hand with iPhone an a Huddleapp app


Today we released our blog with this first post of Huddleapp, the web-mobile app for events. And you will wonder … What’s exactly Huddleapp?

Huddleapp is the tool through…

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