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Turn your event into cash. Learn how Huddleapp can benefit your company

If you haven’t heard by now, Huddleapp is the revolutionary new web-app that has transformed the event experience for both the event goer, and the organizer of the event.  Huddleapp is the sister company to an old favorite: Gastronomic +34.  It is for that reason that it specializes in all events gastronomic in nature. It’s no secret that using an app, as an event goer, is so much simpler than trying to navigate a website on a mobile device. However, many people don’t want to actually download an app. Huddleapp is perfect because there is no download necessary. It’s a website that functions exactly like an app. The best part is that it does so without taking up memory on the mobile device. What’s not so obvious, however, is what makes Huddleapp the ideal choice for event planners. With Huddleapp, not only do you save money by investing in a web-app, but you also have potential to make money off your event. Intrigued yet?

Firstly, Huddleapp doubles as both a website and a mobile application. You essentially get two for the price of one. Because everyone, and their mother, has a smartphone it is important to market in that direction. Being accessible to consumers is key to successful promotion.  No additional promotion is necessary because Huddleapp will do the talking. No need to print out flyers and design an elaborate marketing plan. Talk about saving money… and the environment.

Additionally, Huddleapp offers its users something called the Premium Exhibitor Model. This is a model in which we advertise for the various exhibitors participating in the expo. In order for them to appear with extensive visibility, they must pay a fee. For that fee they can receive, for example: a logo, a picture, a video, a link to their website and anything else they wish to include. Many exhibitors would jump at the chance to promote their company. Using Huddleapp, you can be the one to receive that money. For example, one of our clients, Coffeefest, has the potential return of $8,500 (170 exhibitors at $50). So the larger the event, the more potential earnings your company can receive. In essence then, you’re getting using Huddleapp for free because you can make that money back and some. The financial benefits of investing in Huddleapp are immense. Not only are you providing excellent services to your attendees, you are also making returns on your investment while doing so.

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