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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wine

Aside from Those Who are wine connoisseurs, many people can not tell Their Moscato from Their Port. There are various other myths floating around About Wine. It’s For This Reason That We have put together a list of fun facts About Wine so that you ‘can impress your friends just in time for the weekend!

  1. Historians believe wine alcoholic beverage was the first ever made by humans, dating back About 10,000 years. That is Because the process of fermentation is almost automatic. If you crush some grapes and leave them in a warm location, in theory, They Will Eventually turn to wine.
  2. It was Also For That reason That grape juice sellers During the American Prohibition Were Their mandated to label product with a sticker That Consumers Warned not to leave it in a cupboard for 20 days Because it will  ferment.
  3. The concept of bumping glasses and saying “cheers” comes from ancient Roman times to Prevent Being poisoned. The bumping of the glasses can result in one drink spilling over from one glass to another.
  4. The world’s oldest person her age Attributed to a diet of olive oil, chocolate and port wine.
  5. Ancient Greeks preventer drinking in excess by using a glass That would Automatically ITS contents spill out if the wine Reached A Certain level.
  6. With white wines gain color, age, but network s  lose it.
  7. One barrel contains 1,180 glasses of wine.
  8. About There are 100 calories in a 5-ounce glass of wine. There are a few companies offer WHO “skinny” versions  are low in calories That, at the expense of alcoholic content.
  9. The wreck of the Titanic whos holds the world’s oldest wine cellar.
  10. And no it is not a myth: a glass of (red) wine does keep the doctor away. Wine has-been related to a stronger memory, lower BMI and higher bone mass.
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