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How to use social media to promote your event

Social Media impacts our society more than we realize, it is used by almost everyone young or old. A good social media campaign is one of the best and most cost effective methods to reach a vast audience in a short period of time. It is an essential marketing tool in today’s society yet many event planners fail to use to its full advantage. You can’t just create a Facebook event and expect to have a million likes over night, like any marketing tool you must use tactics to optimize its coverage.

Here are some ways to successfully promote your even through social media:

1. Choose the right social media platform and choose wisely.
The top ten Social Media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine, and Snapchat. This does not mean that you should use all of them. Think about your audience and event type, if you’re planning a trade show promoting through Snapchat just won’t do you any good. You should though collaborate using the ones that appeal to your audience. Integrating the right platforms can lead to a higher click-through rate and more exposure.

2. Use Hashtags
Creating a hashtag for your even help start social buzz and differentiate your event from others. It can also help you see if your event is trending. Although creating the perfect hashtag is not an easy task, it has to be simple, relevant, short, and unique.

3. Reach out to your biggest promoters
Your target audience is likely to be the one to spread your message, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them through social media. And keep them by sharing content that appeals to them or by rewarding them with a follow back thus opening a two-way communication. You should also reach out to your event’s speakers and exhibitors. They want your event to succeed just as much as you do; therefore they are more likely to be the first ones to share your content. One way to encourage them is by including their name or company on the content you post.

4. Engage your Audience
What better way to get your audience to look at your picture than by offering something in return? Sharing interesting facts, sneak peaks, blog posts, or contest giveaways are all great way to get your audience engaged.

We encourage every event planner to use social media to its full potential, not only will it increase your attendance but also, a good digital campaign can create a legacy.

One of the best ways to enhance social media marketing is using HuddleApp’s event app

Having an application for your event can help you utilize everything social media has to offer. HuddleApp’s event app offers a social wall platform that allows the attendees to like, share, or post on all their social media platforms without having to leave your event app. This will also help the users connect with other event goers and create a bigger network all promoting you event. Having an event app can also facilitate your engagement with the clients; One of HuddleApp’s most used platform is one that allows you to create surveys, polls, and sweepstakes. This will allow your attendees to experience immediate gratification and increase their likelihood of promoting the event with their friends and fast!

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